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When I received my first massage many years ago, I came away feeling very relaxed. Tensions had been eased away and I had a general sense of well-being.  I wasn't surprised that my muscles had responded, but I was surprised that my heart and mind had also responded to the experience.  Watching my sister in law massage the feet of my father who was in the final stages of cancer, and watching him rest as a result, I became determined to learn not only massage but also Reflexology.  Later, CranialSacral Therapy became a passion, along with blending my own essential oils to further the therapeutic effect.  When another family member was diagnosed with cancer, I began studying massage for cancer patients and am continuing to do so.  I have taken many continued education classes and on-line courses and continue to do so today.

For so many of us women, our lives take a very different path than what we imagined as little girls or as high school teens.  I became a wife, mother and grandmother, held several administrative jobs, and filled my life with family, friends, and hobbies, long before I was able to pursue this desire of learning massage therapy and other modalities.  While I may have arrived in my later years to this wonderful profession, I feel the timing was perfect. Lessons learned in life somehow intermingled with the skills learned as I received an AOS degree from the Colorado School of Healing Arts with Certificates in Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and CranialSacral Therapy.  In 2015 I became certified in Aromatherapy through the Aromahead Institute.  The varied and in-depth education I have received in all of my studies has taught me to be a gentle, compassionate and sympathetic bodywork therapist, specializing in Foot Reflexology and CranialSacral work.   I love customizing sessions, combining the skills I've learned to help you achieve your health goals.  

My practice is for women of all ages.  I look forward to meeting you and to helping you on your own personal journey toward well-being.  

"Surviving" is one thing. "Thriving" is another.

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