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When I received my first massage many years ago, I came away feeling very relaxed. Tensions had been eased away and I had a general sense of well-being.  I wasn't surprised that my muscles had responded, but I was surprised that my heart and mind had also responded to the experience.  Watching my sister-in-aw massage the feet of my father who was in the final stages of cancer, and watching him rest as a result, I became determined to learn not only massage but also Reflexology.  Later, CranialSacral Therapy became a passion, along with blending my own essential oils to further the therapeutic effect.  When another family member was diagnosed with cancer, I began studying massage for cancer patients and am continuing to do so.  I have taken many continued education classes and on-line courses and continue to do so today.

For so many of us women, our lives take a very different path than what we imagined as little girls or as high school teens.  I became a wife, mother and grandmother, held several administrative jobs, and filled my life with family, friends, and hobbies, long before I was able to pursue this desire of learning massage therapy and other modalities.  While I may have arrived in my later years to this wonderful profession, I feel the timing was perfect. Lessons learned in life somehow intermingled with the skills learned as I received an AOS degree from the Colorado School of Healing Arts with Certificates in Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and CranialSacral Therapy.  In 2015 I became certified in Aromatherapy through the Aromahead Institute.  The varied and in-depth education I have received in all of my studies has taught me to be a gentle, compassionate and sympathetic bodywork therapist, specializing in Foot Reflexology and CranialSacral work.   I love customizing sessions, combining the skills I've learned to help you achieve your health goals.  My practice is for women of all ages.

Currently I am seeking a new practice location.  Updated information will be posted on this site at a future date.

"Surviving" is one thing. "Thriving" is another.  

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